Racing October 23rd – The View from The Admiral’s Barge !….

Thanks for the mention in dispatches – hmph!

The real story is: Perffick committee boat end start by the Admiral – VC nearly headbutted the Stern! – seeing off the Humes/ Millars and “go right” first beat saw us nip and tuck on the starboard lay line for the buoy and the lead – leave it on the left reminded the crew! Just as we got there, Vice-Captain ‘Anson wasn’t making the buoy, so v near the buoy tacked onto port and boarded us! Not sure how the Admiral missed them, v nifty tack to avoid the collision – we all know what damage the concrete bow of a modern Ovi does to the side of a FF don’t we! Admiral ended up in a heap in the bottom, and the VC wrenched his back. We limped down the two reaches, but as the VC couldn’t feel his arms out of the gybe mark, retirement was the only option.

View from the Barge? THANKS JOHN! Hmph

(datchetman speaks : we were within a few inches of all this, and would say that the word “Barge” has never been more appropriately used – ha ha ha ha!!!!!  Hope the back gets better Phil !…)

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