Crews Wanted/Available

If you would like to crew a top notch Flying Fifteen, at Datchet we have several Helms looking for Crews. Those helms looking for occasional or full time crews in the last year include Adam Mangan, Andy Millar, Andy Murphy, Mervyn Wright, Trevor Sparrow, Mark Firth and sometimes Steve Bell.

Maybe you have a crew or partner you can sail with, and just need a boat to try? Have you considered using the Datchet Flying Fifteen Loan Boat Program? On this program, you can rent a boat for a nominal fee for anything from a day to a whole 3 month race series. It’s a fantastic way into it, and there’s plenty of help on hand to get you going. To read about it, click on the “Trial Sail?” tab of this website.

Regular Crew Partners in the Fleet in the last 12 months have included Graziano Spano, Tony Cumberbirch, Callum o’Neill, Michael Vogt, Neil Palmer, David Freeman, Mike Muir-Smith, Kat Waters, Terry Wuthridge, Dave Ryan, David Culpan, and Andy Partington.

So all you potential crews (!), if you are looking for a sail just email all our helmsmen in one email via

Helmsmen – if you have a vacancy at the bow and are looking for a crew, just let our list of crews know by emailing

and you can contact the Loan Boat Program at