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Flying Fifteens have been raced at Datchet since 1976 when the Club was opened. At 475 acres, it’s a fantastic piece of water for racing these planing keelboats – and brilliantly located at the junction of M25 and M4.

The Datchet Flying Fifteen Fleet

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Location of the Datchet Fleet

With 30 boats, the fleet today is most the vibrant racing fleet at the Datchet Club. In addition to offering both full year and winter memberships, the Club has three trial Flying Fifteens available for daily or series hire (see below). We race our Flying Fifteens all the year round. Fleet racing is based on 2 races per Sunday. Saturday and Wednesday evening racing on a lighter level is also available.

Pretty uniquely in the UK, we have a three boat “Loan” program.  Anyone who is interested in trying a Flying Fifteen, and joining our fleet is welcome to take a boat (for a nominal fee) for a day – or as often happens – for a whole 3 month race series, of 26 races. So far of the 28 who have tried a Flying Fifteen this way since our program started, 17 have become owners. An outstanding success. We had six new teams in 2010 and four in 2011. Read more about it on the “Trial Sail?” menu on this website.

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