Winter Warm Up Finals….!!

Today was the last Sunday of the 8 race Winter Warm Up Event.  We had 9 boats enter the event, of which 6 took to racing today.

Gosh it was chilly !!!!  We had a 10-12mph North Easterly (rare) but brought a heck of a windchill with it.  It was dry though with just a few snow flurries to cheer us along.  I can’t actually write much about the first race, as Howard was “slightly late out of changing room” – ha ha ha ha !!!!  …..putting paid to our chances of winning the event!  So we started about 2 minutes late and ran hard to catch up….. I have a feeling that across the line first were UK National Champions, Simon Kneller and Dave Lucas.  They may have been denied a win for all sorts of rule reasons, and John and Helen are awarded first in this race.

Race two was excellent as we were given first in the sequence!!  Stephen and Nigel just disappeared into the distance in this one – a superb show. John and Helen were second, and Howard/Richard third.  Simon and Dave retired when in fourth – a new mast was causing challenges!!

So overall, the Regatta went to John and Helen.  Howard and Richard were second, Charles and David were third.

To see the full results click here

Afterwards, Nigel King ( ) ran a superb FF workshop on the new Racing Rules.  Learned a lot there !!  Plus it was a great way to warm up…..