Sunday 26th August – Bank Holiday and Mervyn Finds The “ON” Switch….!!

Well, heaven knows what Cathy Foster said to him on that coaching weekend, but Mervyn Wright was blisteringly quick today !!  “Best £70 I ever spent!”, said Mervyn after race one…!!

We were welcomed by bright sunshine and around 7-8mph of breeze – shifty as can be, but fantastic looking.  FF Supremo, Trevor Sparrow was OOD and Trevor had to fight to get a Race Team together on Lillibet. David Hume set the course for us (thank you!) and all in all we started a tad late, but it didn’t seem to matter. Being Bank Holiday the Club was quiet as a graveyard – for our fleet we had six boats on the line – two classics, the fabulous silver 3341, and three open boats.

The start line was pretty short and we all crammed our way on for a bustling start for race one (must have needed to stand back on the committee boat…).  The general consensus was to go left. 3934 went right and was never seen again!!  Shify though – wow, really shifty. Mervyn shot away into a really massive lead which he seemed to extend with each leg of the race.  Gradually Howard and Richard got close enough to the Humes to actually see them, but Dominic and David took second and Howard/Richard took third.

Somehow the Datchet Wind God woke up and gave us a F3 going F4 for the second race.  The direction was a little more consistent too. Dominic and David hit the pin right on the gun, and with Howard and Richard hot on the heels went left – and everyone else seemed to go right.  Howard and Richard finally peeled across – presumably drawn by a magnet to the side that failed them last time!! However, at the top mark, Howard and Richard rounded narrowly ahead and stayed there. A right old tussle ensued between Mervyn and the Humes and they were at it right till the final leg, but Mervyn took second and the Humes came in third.

Really must read Mervyn’s notes on the Cathy Foster weekend …. See the “Tuning and Technique” column of the FF Blog….