2013 Roll of Honour….!!


DWSC FF Competition Results - 15Nov13




2013 Spring Series – Congratulations to Richard & Howard, Emma & Russ and Trevor & Mike…!!

Roger has continued his excellent scorekeeping and here, hot off the press, are the results from the Spring Series:

  1. Richard Jones/Howard Shawyer – Palmer Trophy and Club trophy
  2. Mervyn Wright/Sophie Singleton – Club trophy
  3. Mark Firth/Toby Sparkes – Club Trophy

 Best Silver:     Trevor Sparrow/Mike Clapp – Keene Cup

Best Performance Improvement Rating:      Emma Bunting/Russell Griffiths – Ridgeway Consulting Trophy

I’ll let you know when the trophies will be awarded after I have found out when the stars are next around

Also attached is an update to the ‘FF Roll of Honour’ – click here

All the best



Winter Warm Up – Third Weekend…. !!

The fleet was greeted this morning by…. FOG!!  Blimey, it was only tuesday that I had to shovel my drive clear of snow, then Friday was 12 degrees – and now this!!

So we hung out for around two hours waiting for the breeze, and finally a super little 12mph worth set in with bright sunshine.  It turned into a brilliant sail!!

Much talk during the postponement of Midnight Rog’s new personal handicap system for Flying Fifteens.  Currently top of the seeding table, ranked I think by “most improved rating”, are Trevor and Mike!!  See the Club Noticeboard for details and full results.

The racing turned out to be really really close.  Race one got out of the gate at the pin end which John and Helen making a very nice go of it.  The beat didn’t seem especially favoured one side or the other though there were plenty of shifts.  This race turned out to be a squeakily close set of shaves between John/Helen, and Howard/Richard. Generally John and Helen stayed ahead, often by a couple of feet, then half way up the second beat they crossed behind Howard/Richard, then next tack they were ahead again. It continued in this sort of fashion until the last wing mark.  There was a wee bit of traffic and a gust, and Howard with his favourite big white spinnaker blasted through.  It was exceptionally close up that final reach, edging higher and higher, but in the end Howard and Richard got the gun.

For race two, the fleet again went for the pin end. This time, with nice upwind speed it was Howard and Richard at the top mark from John and Helen, with Trevor and Mike in third.  The gap was more comfortable this time, and traffic issues aside, Howard and Richard stayed just out of reach all the way to the gun.

By the time we came ashore, it was a fine sunny afternoon.  We are six races done on the series of 8 now and things are starting to take shape.  Click here for the results to date.

Datchet Winter Warm Up Kicks Off….!!

The 2013 Winter Warm Up kicked off today in pretty frothy conditions!  For the second week running, stonking great slabs of westerly breeze swept the race course.  Bit chilly (3 degrees!) but we had eight teams race.

Following Mervyn’s dramatic man overboard last week, this week just after launching it was Richard who went clean over the side !!!  And all this before we had even started race one. And it was cold in there, I can tell you!!!

The PRO set a pretty long line, but the length wasn’t needed as he set a strong committee boat bias. Ex World Champs, Charles Apthorp and Dave Rickards set the pace and built out a handsome lead. John and Helen raced a stormer to come in second, Mervyn Wright having cleansed his soul during his dip last week, sailed his pants off to come in third!!!

The breeze pepped up a couple of notches between races – wind guru had predicted 31 knot gusts…. and may well have been right – well, into the twenties anyway and they were swerving all over the place too.  We were fair storming along!!  The 3 sail reaches were absolute zingers – like being in a frothing machine… especially the reach to the finish!!  Charles and David took the gun again, John and Helen were again second despite Richard and Howard trying to sink them at one point. Third were Ian and James Linder.

So a really great day out – plus we had two enquiries from potential new fleet members. Excellent!!

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