Personal Handicap Results – Summer 2016

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For those who are unfamiliar with this, the calculation output (generated by Roger – who I believe likes beer) is attached and the following hopefully explains how it works..

– The BCR (‘back calculated rating’) is calculated by comparing how well a boat does compared with the winner in each race and averaging this over a series.
o As well as showing how boats compare with the winner, this obviously also shows how the winner compares with other boats
o Only boats that have completed 4 or more races are included
o All races are included (no discards)
– The PIR (‘personal improvement rating’) is calculated by comparing the BCR series on series – with the best improved winning the Ridgeway Trophy.
o Handicaps for individual boats (classic vs silver vs open) are not relevant as it is the series on series performance of a boat that matters
o A boat obviously needs to have a BCR in consecutive series to receive an improvement rating
o The winner of the Ridgeway Trophy can win it again for the next series by winning races by a bigger margin each time