Sunday 16th November ….!!

Datchet Race Report Sunday 16th November


After an enforced break due to the RS end of seasons, 7 crews lined up to race on Sunday including the Linders (3851) and Mike Firth with super-sub Mark (3888). Jonathan Clark was also around comtemplating sailing with Bret, but thought reading his book was a better option having monitored the light breezes over coffee.


The Race Officer set a long starboard-rounding course and got the fleet underway after a slight delay to allow everyone to get to the other end of the water in the light breeze. Most of the fleet aimed for the pin end with Mervyn (3536) trying to push his way in and instead having to do turns. The Linders and the Firths were also a little bit previous for the start and had to go back allowing Richard and Howard (4011) to break away and build a commanding lead which they held for the whole of the race. John and Helen (3954) assumed second position and had to defend late charges from both the Firths and the Linders with the Firths (perhaps suffering from too many helms in the boat?!) placing 4th and handing the Linders 3rd.


Due to the light breeze/long course combination, there was quite a wait between races which meant that the Firths had to go in so that super-sub Mark could get a round of golf in. The remaining 6 boats got underway again and at the top mark John and Helen had a commanding lead and 3521 was second, however they had to retire at this stage. Mervyn was third, Richard 4th and the Linders 5th. Over the next 2 reaches an interesting battle between Mervyn, Richard and the Linders ensued and by the bottom mark, the order was the Linders, then Richard and then Mervyn behind John and Helen. This order remained until the gun.


Current standings can be found here – click !