The Datchet Autumn Series…!!

Datchet Race Report Sunday 2nd November

Having had 9 crews out the previous Sunday, 7 crews braved the lashing rain to rig for this Sunday’s racing, including 2 newcomers using Mervyn Wright’s boat 3536 as he was the Race Officer for the day. After a slightly delayed start whilst the Race Officers organised the racing areas for both the club sailing and the Cat End of Season races, the first race got underway on a long starboard-rounding course.

Sadly, 3954 (John Hanson and Helen Selden) were so keen to get underway they were a little early for the start and had to go back, ending up getting over the start second from last. 4011 (Richard Jones and Howard Shawyer) and 3888 (mike Firth and Phil Tinsley) led most of the fleet out left whilst 3954 slowly reeled them in playing the shifts up the middle of the course, so that they were 2nd going around the top mark with 3888 leading and 4011 in 3rd. Despite their best efforts 4011 couldn’t overtake 3954 over the next two reaches and so the order remained the same going into the second lap. At this point 3954 seemed to find an extra gear and managed to overtake 3888 on the beat and extend their lead for the rest of the race, taking the gun. 3888 tried valiantly to retain second but on the last gybe mark, 4011 overtook them to take 2nd. 3427 (Mike Clapp and Ian Klyne) came in fourth, followed by 3521 (Trevor Brant and John Watling), 3536 and 3562.

Unfortunately,  Phil Tinsley (in 3888) couldn’t carry on for the second race due to a bad back, and so the fleet was now 6 for the second race. Our star guests, Alastair and Ben from Australia, were trying out the Flying Fifteen loan program – and helm and crew in 3536 swapped over for this race whilst FF Fleet Captain Mervyn shortened the first beat before setting the fleet off. Again, ever eager to get racing, 3954 (Hanson and Selden) were over the line at the start with 3536 and so both had to go back and try again. In this time 4011 took a commanding lead, but were eventually overhauled by 3954 on the third beat. 3427 did very well taking third over the line and 3536 managed 4th in this race.

Due to a large RS End of Season event at Datchet this coming weekend, there will be no club racing, so the fleet will be re-convening on 16th November for the next round in the autumn series.

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