Sunday Racing – February 10th ….!!

Well, if you set aside the freezing temperatures, continual driving rain, the threat of snow – then conditions were quite seductive at Datchet today. The breeze was a lovely 12-15mph, with the occasional fun gust on top – plus with Charles racing, you didn’t even have to remember the course (which was pretty accurately laid by the way!). We had five boats on the slip, but only three boats finished race one.

The line was pretty square and the fleet got out of the gate in pretty much the same order that they finished. That isn’t to say that there wasn’t a whole bundle of fun going on between John and Helen, and Howard and Richard for second place.  At the three sail reaching finish there was half a second between them.

Funnily enough, race two went the same way – with a tussle for second right at the last few metres. Great fun!!  However, John and Helen got it both times!!