What a wonderful day!

The overnight forecast of sub-zero temperatures with flutters of snow turned out to be pessimistic and sunglasses were needed in a relatively warm force 3 for a grand day out. The forecast deterred some, but six boats rigged including first appearances for the year of Steve/ Simon and Emma/ Russell and the arrival of (hopefully permanent) new boy Phil Elford in the loan boat with Mike Clapp. John Hanson was also seen putting his boat back together after it had been away for its winter polishing but he’s keeping it under wraps for the Mid-Winter Championships.

Race 1 saw Mark and Toby taking the lead up the first beat and holding on all the way round despite several valiant attempts by the Linders to overtake. Mervyn and Howard sneaked in front of Ian and James up the last beat but lost out on the last reach and came in third. Steve and Simon had a tussle with Emma and Russell for most of the race which Emma won, while Mike and Phil did an excellent job of keeping in touch in the loan boat despite the need for it to undergo some serious tuning!

The big excitement in race 2 was the ding dong at the front between Mark and Ian which saw a fair bit of place changing and a reversal of the race 1 result with Ian and James taking line honours. Further back, Phil and Mike’s tinkering between races paid off for a while as they managed to get up to fifth place but sadly slipped back at the end. The middle of the fleet was led home by Mervyn and Howard followed by Steve and Emma.

All in all a great morning’s sailing and a missed opportunity for those who put too much faith in weather forecasters – come on guys, let’s get everyone out next week for a last practice before the Mid-Winters.

Mervyn Wright