Lulled into a false sense of optimism.

…well not really ‘lulled’ because the 4 stalwarts who turned up in the fog for the first Sunday of 2013 were persuaded to down their coffees and rig when the lull was replaced by ripples appearing on the water. This was just after Andrew Wilson made a very prescient comment on the bravery of drinking coffee before donning a drysuit (more later). Unfortunately, that bit of breeze, and the wind that picked up between the races (before it died again!), was as good as it got. Even doing the tax return would have been less frustrating!

And so to the racing: Race 1 had everyone arriving at the top mark fairly close together despite spreading all over the first beat. The Linders and Admiral Firth with VC Tinsley aboard then pulled away from the Humes who in turn started to pull away from the temporary team for the month of Mervyn/ Howard. The run again spread boats to the corners of the reservoir and the trailing 3 boats all started the beat close to each other while the Linders stretched their lead. After another shifty beat, the Linders took the flag, followed by Mike and Phil, Mervyn and Howard and the Humes.

Mike and Phil opted out of the second race which was conducted as a procession, albeit with the gaps opening and closing, and started/ finished with the Linders leading the Humes, then Wright/ Shawyer. The Race Officer chose today to set a pretty big course which we would normally applaud, but the lack of wind, the fact of the S flag apparently being left onshore, and the coffee, made the last leg a little uncomfortable!