DWSC Winter Regatta … And Christmas Lunch…!!

Surprise, Surprise – a brilliant blue sky day !!  We all went afloat rather over dressed as it turns out – we had up to eleven degrees!! Despite the closeness to Christmas, we had six FFs racing today.  The Admiral is confined to his bathroom, and the VC to his bed. We did though see Steve Bell in 3827, plus most of the regular racers!

The Club decided to make it the Winter Regatta followed by Christmas lunch!  Sorry to be a kill joy, but speaking only for myself I can’t get properly excited by single handicap starts….with Cats and Optimists… around a “P” course, with the gate 3/4 of the way up the beat  – and the reach and run were difficult to set and turned out to be a bit straight, so we sailed triangles more or less.  Oh dear – sorry!!

The mixed fleet is very problematic…. i.e. new hazards!!…  and amongst other stories we got carried up a reach by a couple of well meaning Hurricane’s when lying second FF, so we were a bit miffed – mainly I find that the race format of which the end is unknown (until the ‘S’ goes up)  is a bit uninspiring somehow. It’s like musical chairs games at school – you go round and round till the music stops – and then, well, that’s it!!  Anyway – enough moaning about all that !!  We had a good time in the sun,  with great friends – plus terrific news, Mark and Toby won the regatta !! FF’s got 1st, 3rd, 4th, 8th, 12th out of 41 starters!!   All in all, the FFs showed very well – you can see the results by clicking here.

Talking of starters, at lunch, where the quantities were ginormous – the Commodore in his Santa Hat was keen to remind us that there’s racing on 23rd, 30th and 31st…. Hurrah!!

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