Race Report – Rain Sodden Sunday …!! (23rd Sept)

I really have to say now….. what a horrible day!!  It didn’t stop raining from 10am onwards.  Everything soaked through !!  Not warm either – like a March day almost.

Another new member, Emma Bunting, an experienced Fifteener watched and made launching notes from the shore – ready for her first launching. The water level is down to just below the first knuckle. but there was so much rain today you have to just hope it comes straight back up. As David Hume points out, it’s odd that it stayed high till the last day of the Olympics and then fell like a stone.  We look forward to seeing Emma launch her new boat soon.

We had six fifteens – some notable absentees.  I think Mike and Phil had the woodentop away somewhere, then no Midnight Rog, no Stensons, Ian Linder was on Race Officer duty, no Fleet Captain Hanson either.  Come on, you lot !!!!

Admiral Linder and the race team set a short but very square line with a decent beat right up the lake. Starboard handed made a nice change!  Race one tore out of the gate – I thought there might have been a recall as all really nailed it. Andy and Agness nipped out of the committee boat end quickly followed by Howard and Richard.  Going left turned out to be a mortal sin though (and it was shifty!!) and Mark and Toby hotly pursued by the Humes went right to devastating effect.

Andrew and Tom Wilson have bought the Millars boat and were racing it for the first time today  – they were really cracking on in this light breeze. The fleet started to string out which is a shame – Dominic and David had a really good go at grabbing the lead, but in the end it was Mark/Toby, Dominic/David then Howard/Richard.

For race two the skies threatened more, and the breeze did step up for a while – but turned out to be full of holes. We had a couple of bursts of three sail planing which was warmly received!   Mark/Toby found the way uphill again, and this time Mervyn/Dave were the chase boat – with Howard and Richard third again. Behind them there was a right old to-do going on with lots of action everywhere.  Quite suddenly near the top of the course Mervyn/Dave caught a buoy and snared the rudder on the mooring line, just as they were sailing quite brilliantly …..  ha ha ha ha ha !!!  What a shame….  ha ha ha ha ha !!!!   So Howard/Richard slipped into second…..  The main pack, then including Mervyn and Dave, had some sorting to do.  It was Dominic and David that emerged with an edge to take third.