Sunday Race Report – 9th September….!!

6 boats turned up for a day of 2 halves.  We arrived to see an extremely flat reservoir and a pontoon draped over the launching ramp – stranded by a drop in water level – so we launched in front of the clubhouse which was a great reminder of the benefits of the normal setup.  There were some new partnerships for the day with Cap’n Hanson and Andy Murphy combining their Garda experience; Trevor Sparrow and Mike Clapp in Willie Wonka; and Mervyn joined by potential newcomer Russell Griffiths.  Chris McLaughlin was there too in his new boat. The other stalwarts were Andy and Agness, fresh back from Poole Week, the Humes and John Watling.

After a short wait, the  wind trickled in for a first race of ‘miss the holes’ which was won by Andy and Agness, followed by the Humes and the Italian exiles.  The wind filled in between races to the 3-4 that had been predicted for earlier and we had a storming second race with three laps – including a great white sail fetch – the whole lot taking about as long as the first lap in race 1.  Andy and Agness pulled away again for a second clear win – much to Agness’s excitement – followed by the Italians and the Humes