Sunday Race Report – September 2nd….!!

First person I meet this morning??  Our hero of Garda – Fleet Captain, John Hanson.  If you weren’t following it, John and Helen did really well at Garda in the Europeans – two top ten places, which would have been three but for a really flukey race when they were lying fifth !!!   Anyway – a stunningly good achievement in 3539  !!!!

Next who do I find – but Trevor Sparrow and 1990 World Champion boat, Willy Wonka!!  It was great to see Trevor sailing his “little” boat again – and teamed up with Mike Clapp too – excellent !!

We had a steady (strength!) 7mph breeze from WSW all morning.  It certianly wasn’t steady in direction and we were getting swings of 20 degrees and more. The Club in general was very quiet and we could only field five teams ourselves today. Lots of absentees, this last weekend before school goes back.

Joe Snowdon was PROing, so it maybe that the Race Team didn’t show. The course was pretty good actually. It was a short square line – about 20 seconds long even when poodling along.  Race one saw Andy and Agness dicing on the line with Howard and Richard (and going the wrong way at the critical moment – ha ha ha ha !!!), but we all got away quite nicely. Howard and Richard went left, but Andy/Agness, Dominic/David did much better to the right hand side and rounded first with The Humes ahead.  This group of three moved away – plenty, plenty of close action between the top two and shouts of “Are you going to do your turns then?” at the top mark for the second time!!  Eventually, Andy and Agness had their way and pulled away to win – the three boats were reasonably close though, with Dominic and David in second, Howard and Richard in third.

Race two might have had a fraction more breeze. Howard and Richard shot out of the pin end, but all five were pretty close up the beat.   Howard though decided he needed the bathroom, so something had to be done !!  3934 stepped on the gas and nipped around the top mark first and opened up a useful lead – not be passed that day. There was plenty going on again between Dominic/David, Andy/Agness and lots of place changing to be had – it was though The Humes who came out ahead in the pair.  Howard’s bathroom dash took 3934 well clear, The Humes second, Andy and Agness third.

Andy and Agness didn’t make the Garda plan, but did manage to get to Poole week – in search of altogether gentler breezes!!  So it blew 25-30 ALL week, didn’t it???!!  With only 21 stone in the boat they had a bit of a ride – and finished ninth of 23 (very impressive turnout for a regatta week). Datchet members, Ian and James Linder came second, I think.  All that on full Goachers has convinced Andy and Agness to go for  sail change – and they are going to try flat-cut P&B next.  I suspect that will suit them really well – we shall see !!!

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