Race Report – June 3rd, … Jubilee Reigns/Rains !!

The NSSA Championships (Schools), the Jubilee and the FF Southerns conspired to make the Club very quiet today…. but we still had seven boats on the slip – almost no other Club Racers at all !!  The NSSA Mums and Dad made the Clubhouse feel packed though and down near the parking it was like tent city.

BIG news is that Andy and Agnes have just bought a new Flying Fifteen!  Well, almost new – 3911.  I think it’s Russell Peters boat – it hadn’t even reached the market and Andy managed to snap it up!  Looks really very clean I must say.  It has some intriguing double track jib fairleads – sneak a look next time you get the chance. The boat is also something to do with Barry Parkin – not sure what the full story is, but it’s wearing some very tidy Batt sails and a great looking Batt Spinnaker.  Andy and Agnes were keen to get a new boat together for Garda – so this will be ideal !… Now we’ll have to look out!!

As it was the Jubilee we had a fair bit of rain this morning, and a generally lifting breeze. Fourteen bold Flying Fifteen people took to the water and had a great time.  Actually we had some terrific racing. I’ve often said it is hard doing PRO and they certainly found it hard today. A major shift swept through and caused them to shift from a port handed course to starboard – but the wing mark reaching angles were hopeless – the first reach became a beat at some stage etc etc.  Plus we couldn’t finish on a reach and had to turn the last mark and beat for the finish.

Race 1 got out of a very committee boat biased line (port end).  Howard and Richard made for the wall, where there were lovely lifts to be had. The rest of the fleet followed but those who broke first found lovely breeze ‘out in the bay’. Nonetheless, Howard and Richard nipped around first, followed by Mark and Toby and the Humes. The lead was not to last and Mark/Toby winkled past, then Howard and Richard overtook again. The secret was in defying the lifts and going for breeze we felt. Mark and Toby rounded the final windward mark with a small but useful lead, but at the gybe mark calamity struck – spinnaker wraps !!  Howard and Richard snuck it back to win, then Mark/Toby held off the Humes into third.

Race two saw another shift and the windward mark move. If they did move the wing mark it didn’t show, and we had something of a processional course.  Mark and Toby got away really hotly pursued by Andy and Agnes in 3911, then Dom and David, and Howard and Richard. Thankfully Agnes was only used to a spinnaker chute, so the end of the first lap said “good bye” to those two !!  I gather that not only will the bags have to go, the double ended pole might have to be retired as well!!  Anyway, the wind direction didn’t serve the course too well, and it all ended up a bit processional.  Mark/Toby took a fine win, followed by Dominic and David, then Howard and Richard.