Race Report – Sunday 20th May – Great Turnout!!

Racing today had nine flying fifteens turn up for a NNW 8 knots with some small gusts.  The PRO did the right thing and used the whole lake :-)).

Race one saw every boat wanting to be 1st over the line.  Ian Linder decided to go back as the pro called for an individual recall which made Mark Firth looking like he had the fleet following.  Only to be told 1/3 up the beat that he was over! (shame ….  ha ha ha ha ha !!)  Mark decided to carry on and took first mark, followed by Andy Clarke and then Ian.   Mark shot a way how ever Andy and crew did so well in the loan boat staying in the top 3 until the last lap.  With mark OCS. Ian took the 1st race John and Helen 2nd and Andy 3rd  in the club boat (with 3588 on the sails). I am not sure the results after that – what I do know is the Stensons had a memory loss and forgot  what side is port and starboard.  Poor old Mervyn came off the worst and is taking his boat away to be fixed.

Race 2. With 8 boats (Mike thought the wind was picking up). Andy 1st the to the top mark in the club boat!!!!!  Followed by Ian, Mark, Mervyn, John, Stensons and the Humes.  The racing for most of the fleet was very close –  all fighting each other and swapping places down to the  bottom mark.   At the bottom mark Ian and son was in the lead ( and we did not see them again).   Mark got up to 2nd place past Andy. One lap on John and Helen got past Andy and set about catching Mark.

On the last lap. John and Helen were trying to catch Mark when, Eric on the rescue boat must have got bored  (again in race two as race one) and at high speed did two loops round John and Helen on the reach!!  John gave eric some feed back and so he set off to ruin someone else’s day!   At this point. Mark’s knot on spinnaker halyard decided to come undone.  This cost him the 2nd place as John and Helen sailed past them on the last reach.  1st Ian   2nd John   3rd mark    4th Andy   5th Humes

See you all next week.  It looks like it could be a warm week so see you on Sunday.