“Sunday 13th Cup” !! – May 13th, 2012….

Slightly amazing day today.  We all gathered – six boats on the slip plus the Stensons who didn’t bother to bring their kit up (that would have been seven boats then…) – like a glass millpond, wasn’t it?  So much banter ensued, sitting outside, much tea and coffee – and then the bacon sandwiches started… The Stensons hit the counter first….  it all looked pretty settled. 


So then we dropped Mr Tinsley’s new FF Beauty into the water to swap the trailer and enjoyed all the oohing and ahhhing as we looked at that. Then the Stensons pushed off home to watch the Grand Prix………. Then the wind got up – fabulous, it was!!!  It increased through the day and was a steady force 4 as we left.

Race one got away – we were slightly disorderly because of finally rushing to get afloat.  The VC had already retired (main halyard, knees alright but breathing OK) so the wooden top struggled back ashore. All this was before Howard was out of the changing room!!  The Humes went left out of the gate, Howard and Richard right, and Andy and Agnes up the middle. Mervyn and Ian were even further from the line than we were!!

It was just one of those races – very processional (one reach became a tight fetch) and not much happening. Dom and David won it easily, from Howard and Richard, then came Andy and Agnes.

Breeze building all the time, we managed to get the wing mark shifted to a somewhat more exciting place, and Race Two was under way – a lot busier right from the “off”!!!  Places changed quite a lot as we criss-crossed up the beat and at the top mark it was Andy and Agnes at the front. Howard and Richard in second were determined to kite it up to the new wing mark – the wind had other ideas and Dom and non-Dom came pouring through under two sails!

Come the second reach, Andy and Agnes went up and the others went downwards. The breeze suddenly turned on really well and there were great sparkling three sail reaches to be had, water fizzing all over the place – absolutely terrific!!  By the bottom mark it was The Humes, then Howard/Richard and followed by Andy/Agnes. Going uphill, the Humes had it all pretty much nailed down – I think it stayed that way till the end of the run.  The shifts today were not exactly logical, but the wall had served Howard/Richard well on previous legs so they went again – The Humes standing out to the left searching for bigger breezes. However, at the top mark, Howard/Richard popped around first with a useful little lead. It was a fizzy two sail reach across to the wing mark – then kites up for a super blast to the line. Howard powered up and extended the lead somewhat to take an easy win in race two!

So for the 13th Cup, The Humes and Howard and Richard scored a first and second each – and Howard and Richard took the Trophy on count back.