Sunday Race Report – No Sailing !!!

Yes – we got squalled off today !!  There was much competition between fleets to see who could down the most steaming hot tea. We won….

The Club weather gauge seemed stuck at 28.6mph, and with my hand held gadget I was reading 20 gusting 25 at slipway level – but we are the sheltered end of the lake of course.  The gusts were sudden and vicious.  A mile away down the far end of the lake we could see the rolling waves breaking against the wall – the Club end of the lake was sheltered and flat enough to see the ruthless little squalls scooting across the water.  Windsurfers were allowed out but were restricted to the area between the Club and the pier. The most disgusting thing by far though was the rain…. As I drove back over Reigate Hill later, it was like driving a submersible would be – just horrible.

So we had a good gossip. Just two FFs stood on the slip in the driving rain – Steve and Simon, Howard and Richard.  Two of the fleet travelled to Hayling this weekend and had put in creditable mid fleet performances on Saturday. The Admiral and Midnight Rog decided the boats should stay parked up.  Even less people showed up from other fleets….

Bob Millar was there and announced that Andy has accepted his 3 year contract in Houston as Sales Manager for all the Americas. Very sad for us of course, but brilliant for  Andy!!  That means 3427 is up for sale almost immediately – with new mast !!!

It turns out that we have more investment coming in the fleet – Steve and Simon are thinking carefully about a new or almost new Ovi this year.  Andy and James are in the same position.  Very interesting – both these teams will be pretty strong placed in new boats.  We also learned from the Fleet Official Scorer, Rog, that the Winter Series was won by Richard and Howard. Big surprise, actually. I wonder what happened to the Club’s intention to award trophies every quarter??!!!  VC??!!