Notes from the Sailing Committee….

You are probably all aware that our Sailing Pro, Sam, has now left our Club.

The final sailing committee that he minuted yielded the following:-

 An email and blog post were sent out asking for volunteers for the on the water show, plenty have volunteered and I believe Janet has control of this.

·         The same message asking for volunteers has been sent for the jubilee weekend, they should be contacting their fleet captains.
The caterers have been asked to host a bbq for this event, they are happy to do this but will need to know numbers and have payment a week in advance as they are worried about buying bbq stock and having low numbers.
I suggest that we will need one central person organising this day, especially if numbers and payment for food are needed.

·         Purple marine have been contacted about sponsoring the pursuit race this year, no reply has been heard of as yet.

·         RO update emails have incorporated the relevant suggestions from the sailing committee

·         A ‘crew available’ forum has been created, and as asked, been added to the already present crewing page on the website.

·         A ‘crew available’ section has been added to the boards in the clubhouse,

·         An extra notice board has not been added to the wall yet as we don’t have one spare, one has been ordered and Nigel will fit it when it arrives.

·         The progression posters (from beginner to club racer) have  been repositioned on the wall.