Race Report, Fools Day !!!………….


The weather man was having us on, I reckon. Cold as can be and weather on the turn, snow coming.  Well, blimey you should have seen it!!  Stunning it was, bright blue sky and a gorgeous looking Datchet.

Not much breeze though….  thankfully the race team set the course at the far end of the lake as there was a weeny bit of breeze down there.  Took a while to get there…!!  The PRO set a pretty short line and we generally zipped out of the gate scanning for wind. The fleet split. Mike, “the wisp”, Firth had sailed down the south side took a fancy to that and sailed off into this perfect mirror part of the lake – ‘hotly’ followed by Steve and Simon.  Well, that was the end of them obviously.  John/Helen really set the pace into the breeze on the North side hotly chased by the Humes, and Julien and Richard (Howard being PRO).  Now I simply cannot account for this, but come the windward mark, you guessed it, first round were Mike and David, Steve and Simon not far behind. The rest of us …..

It was going to be this sort of day of course – but the reach turned into a beat.  John and Helen crashed out – useful to have a rower aboard if it is a paddling day…. The luscious task of changing wheel bearings beckoned. By the time we reached the next windward mark the fleet had closed right up. Getting a bit tight it was.  Dom and Non-Dom took to the Southwest wall to a twenty foot wide wisp of breeze down there.  This leg turned to something of a beat for a while – well, everything really.  It got really really close – in the end I would say that after one hour we all crossed the line within about 20 seconds. Steve and Simon took it, and to my amazement the Hume Team nipped over next, then Julien and Richard about a second later.  Race leaders Mike and David drifted over next !!!!!