Race Report – Sunday 25th March……

Super Duper Day today. Bright blue skies, warm and even some breeze!!  It might have been due to the start of daylight saving, but the Club was incredibly quiet. Not end of term, is it?

Firstly, just to let you know that Mike Firth and I have both had unwanted visitors in our boats during last week. Nothing taken it seems, but in both cases the covers left off and Mike’s mainsail had blown out in the breeze. It’s not obvious what was being sought, but my kicker had been tampered with for some reason.  Even if it was a flying fifteen fanatic wanting to compare fit-out, it was incredibly rude not to leave the boats in perfect condition as they were found. So keep your eyes peeled…..

Now to the racing !  The PRO set enormous courses the length of the lake – sensibly shortened to two rounds in each race.  It was good though!  Race one had an incredibly biased line and Cap’n Hanson made a good job of squeezing out the Humes and Howard/Richard at the Committee boat!!  We nipped quite smartly up the beat – Simon and Ben who started down the line a way, sailed straight up and really did rather well out of it.  The reaches needed lots of skill from the bowman and John/Helen, Dominic/David, Howard/Richard took off for the wing mark at times dead equal. Dom and Non-Dom took the outside of the curve and it worked really well – and they sneaked out into the lead.  There was a fair bit of scrapping going on behind, but at the finish it was the Humes wot got it, from Howard and Richard, and then pretty close battle between John/Helen and Simon/Ben – which I think resolved in favour of John and Helen.

Race two – well, there might have been a bit more breeze for this.  The pin had become very favoured and Steve and Simon did a corker of a pin end flyer, crossing I think the entire fleet.  They had a wee incident with a 505 later in the race which probably did it for them…..!!  The right hand side was generally favoured, but it wasn’t an open and shut case. John and Helen sailed really well up the second beat and wriggled free of Howard/Richard.  The Humes had a right royal tussle with Steve and Simon – I don’t honestly know which way that one went – we’ll have to await the Club Results service…..Simon and Ben were next in.

For those of you who stayed in bed, we missed you all !!!!