The Club Survey about Members Priorities…..

Have you received your invite to participate in the Club Online Survey??  If you haven’t, get it from Gabrielle. It’s very easy and quick to complete….

Note that 78% of RS 100 Members have replied but only 35% of Flying Fifteen Owners.  So if you want to have a Club whose priorities are reflected by the loyal RS types, then we are going the right way about it.

Not wanting to influence your opinion, but just to say that my major inputs were:-


– the new jetty is fabulous, but desperately needs big fenders to finish the job properly. We picked up starboard side compression dents all along the hull in a recent blowy northerly – you may have too. Repairs will cost more than the fenders, and to get it in proportion the jetty cost is only a bit more than one new FF.

– changing room standard and general cleanliness is inappropriately low

– focus training and communications on converting post RYA certified sailors into REGULAR racers

– should we use Sundays for more pursuit races and experimental alternative formats? Or should plagues of frogs visit those who suggest it? They can do that on Saturdays.





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