Race Report, Feb 12th – The Winter Warm Up Kicks Off…..

Week One of the Winter Warm Up disappeared under the snow. For most of us, we simply could not get there!  Racing abandoned for the first weekend….

The club was pretty quiet today too – well at minus two maybe that was to be expected. 22 boats on the water, so you could park anywhere!  Simon Cavey (3904) is away skiing this weekend and next. Chris McLaughlin is awaiting his new Mk X boat, which after expert fettling will be with us late March he thinks. Lots of other fleet mates stayed in their bunks too!! The Millars have created a new weather index, which we’ll tell you about in a future blog item, but it would have kept them well indoors….   This Sunday saw the return of Fleet Cap’n Hanson and the amazing Hakuna Matata boat. John has done a terrific job of the upgrade. It looks really serious and purposeful. The boat is 3kg lighter now, new carbon bits, and the keel looks just fabulous.   I think it won the last series, so fingers crossed it goes slower ….!!   🙂

Though it was snowing as I left home this morning, we did get there this time….  and the WWU kicked off !!  It was about 7-8mph blowing from the South SouthWest, and …. wait for it…. minus 2 degrees!!  It didn’t feel all that cold, strangely. No – really…  Of course, it might have felt different if it weren’t for the five layers that I was wearing. Sadly the boat did not agree. This will sound very wimpish – but our spinnaker sheets had frozen in!!  Now you’ll be thinking, “All you Wussies have to do is give them a tug….” However…. neither the bulks of Mervyn or Jonesey heaving like mad could free them. On a Mk X the sheets run through a tube in the stern tank, and one of the tubes had iced in solid.  Bring back the Mk IX !!!  We had the usual obvious suggestion of pouring a hot coffee down there, but at minus two that might have had the opposite to the desired effect! Anyway – it  bunged up solid with ice, so the coffee would mainly have dribbled off!!  So – stuck until the wether thaws  (that’s the worst spell of weather we’ve seen in a long time – ha ha!), 3934 can stay under its duvet.

Anyway – the rest of the fleet took off on time. The PRO laid a sensibly brief course in about 1/25th of the reservoir which took the guys thankfully about 35 minutes to polish off each race.

Race one, Geoff Bayliss and Steve Wilson went right early on the 1st beat which paid for him and he was 1st to the 1st mark. By the end of the first cup of tea, and end of the first lap the order was Geoff/Steve,  John and Helen second and Mervyn and Graziano third.  The gaps were small, even through coffee steam….After two reaches the boats were in the same positions but very close to each other.  On the 2nd beat John and Helen got passed Geoff/Steve to take the lead, with a port and starboard costing Geoff 2nd place on the last beat. Race one turned out as John/Helen, Mervyn/Graziano and then Geoff/Steve.

I got “the call”  home for shovellin’,  so left at the start of race two – apparently  a repeat of race one except the port and starboard bit!!

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