The New Jetty ….

The new jetty at Datchet is a tremendous investment by DWSC in its keelboat racing and in Flying Fifteens.

It’s on rollers at the top end (you can just see them in the photo – click to enlarge). It’s going to be much easier to keep properly positioned.

I must say the whole thing is immensely rigid compared with the old ‘un. It was great today in a rolling westerly swell.

There will be teething problems, naturally. The first things for us to discuss with the club are:-

– the engineers have been very thoughtful and installed mooring rings along the lakeside edge.  Unfortunately, when they flip over they extend beyond the orange fenders and are well set to bang a hole clean through a hull. I think the best thing to do with this is quick and easy – install the mooring rings down the wall-side. For mooring purposes we can just attach our painters across to the other side – which we frequently used to do on the old jetty.

– second … and this is very unfortunate, but the orange fenders are just at deck-lip height on an FF.  As the boats were being tossed around like corks today in the swell, I was seriously concerned that it could lift the deck off a hull with that force.  Probably the best thing to do here, is to bring the old big soft fenders across from the old jetty and tie them additionally to the new jetty .  In fact to do a good job, we should go the whole hog and buy more soft big fenders and do that all the way along.  Don’t be fooled that the orange fenders will be “kind” to our hulls – they are pretty hard durable material…. not like your duvets… Sam tells me that under the orange fenders is a line of fierce metal fixings, so we need some decent protection for the hulls along there. A new FF costs almost as much as the jetty, so we don’t want any damage.

I’ll speak to the VC…..