New Year’s Day Racing at Datchet….

To be honest, there wasn’t much racing at the Club today – just the annual Pink Elephant handicap race….  Serious Series racing restarts after the holidays next weekend, January 8th!

We had 21 boats enter the Pink Elephant  – almost all the FF Fleet stayed under their duvets. Mike took out newcomer Chris McLaughlin in the Loan boat, and Howard and Richard were there too. Race Officer was Phil Tinsley!!  The weather was a positively balmy 12 degrees, and the wind was around 12-14 mph – so pretty nice basically!  Phil tried hard to make the course interesting – a letter B which we could just about cope with after the night before!!  Despite his best attempts though, handicap racing is extremely boring by nature and something of a simplistic procession once the PY ordered queue is established.  Why do people do it?!?! Your FF representatives were third and fifteenth out of 21  !!  The Pink Elephant Prize could not be located so the Commodore awarded pepper pots and sauce bottles (Howard said he was browned off by this…. ha ha!)

There was lots of other stuff going on though.  First, Chris McLaughlin turns out to be a super chap – sailed lots of different things, multiple European J24 Championship winner, and very keen to get into fifteens regularly. He may also have another team he can introduce to Datchet….. so our membership drive, touch wood, may be getting off to a hot start!

The day started off with Andrew Murphy getting his sails measured in our extensive upstairs sail measurement department. Andy had driven up from his holiday in Taunton to get them done – he is switching sailmaker which is interesting. Anyway, good news is that Andrew will be with us for the Winter.

Next up – the Water Level – it’s about half way up to the top now and every prospect of a complete fill in coming days. The water is just incredibly clear and reaching up as far as the second ‘knuckle’ of the slip.

Third thing, that might be the last time we launch from the old jetty !!!  Hoorah!!! Our dear old friend is being set out to pasture, and the new one is meant to be coming sometime in the coming week – yippee!!

Oh – and John Watling was there today. He was packing up his fabulous wooden FF to take it for garaging over the winter months – to bring back around Easter time. An additional great bit of news is that he has asked The Admiral if he can take the loan boat (Flouride) for the winter series – now that’ll be really excellent!!