Sunday Dec 18th – Howard Arrives Before Anyone Else !!…..

Well, what a day!!  Yes – Howard got here before you all – in the main, that is due to you lot voting with your duvets!!

There was us, in minus two at the top of the slipway – only to play Billy-No-Mates.  Eleven FFs last week and one this week. One boat constitutes “a race” at Datchet, you know… Even the tippy-over boats went out – well, not many of them, I admit. It soon warmed up to zero and then eventually to 2 degrees. Nice breeze though – 15mph as I left.

Fleet Cap’n ‘Anson was there and we took Hakuna to bits so that he could take it back to the shed for a good polish – actually I’m sure John said a “good buffing”, which is probably the same thing.  John wants to get 3kg off it – that’ll make it faster, oh no!!  Then Howard and I put 3934 away and took to the cocoa machine to warm up.

The water level is up a little. The north beach is underwater again. Our jetty though was in a mess. I’m not sure we could have launched – the whole 40m length was lying against the shore. Now that we have taken the “L” piece away, I don’t fully understand how it meant to stand off parallel to the ramp. I need to get the Admiral to draw me pictures of how the new arrangement is meant to work – something was seriously adrift (sic) today…A little birdie tells me our new jetty is on order – the Club has decided to use the same jetty technology as the new “dinghy beach” – you know, the pale grey one.  It will be the same length (40m) as the old one. So the Club has invested about £30,000 into the future of keelboat racing at our Club – brilliant !!!  And a great vote of confidence in the future of the Datchet FF’s.!!

The next piece of news is that I spoke to Simon Cavey.  Simon tried the loan boat and raced with us last week – and loved it. So he is in the market. We spent an hour on the phone during the week on the subject of buying second-hand,  and as we spoke today he was just driving off Hayling Island.  Fingers crossed, he has found an Ovi Mk X there and is considering what his offer should be.  That’ll make four new teams for the Club Fleet this year, after a jaw dropping six new new teams in 2010. It all bodes well….