Race Report – End of Autumn Series, December 11th 2011….

Tip Top Racing at Datchet today – about 8-10mph of breeze, and 11 teams competing ! And that was without the Millars, Andy and James, Mike and Phil…!!!

The PRO showed excellent judgement  – a finely judged line square up across the reservoir and for once, a superbly positioned wing mark!!  It was the end of the Autumn Series this Sunday  – as I write the final results are not posted, but suffice it to say that The Humes and Howard/Richard in the end did not slug it out for second and third – but for fourth and fifth!!

In race one, the fleet cracked out of the pin end of the gate going really quite quickly.  Picking your way up the beat was a case today of doing the opposite of what the compass would have you do!! There was a good pick to the left which paid repeatedly.  John Hanson did well on the left most route and gave himself a good lead, with Ian and James Linder scrapping it out much of the time with Mark and Tony (yes, the handsome triathlete type is back!) Behind the leader group there was loads going on, with Nigel King tussling with The Humes for much of the race.

Race two and everyone had got to know the way up the beat! The start seemed pretty similar to us, and at the top mark Simon Cavey in the Loan Boat was right up there in 6th. Howard and Richard engaged in a two lap fight with John and Helen.  Mark and Tony were out front chased by Ian and James Linder. Behind this bunch Steve Bell and Simon Scullion were having a mighty battle with the Humes, eventually coming in ahead by just  one third of a boat length!! Incredibly close stuff !!!!   John and Helen eventually crept past Howard and Richard on the second lap run, by going to the left and just calling it at the bottom mark. So I think we finished that race in the end as Mark/Tony, Ian/James, John/Helen, Howard/Richard, Steve/Simon, Dominic/David.

The autumn series ended today with John and Helen as superb winners of the elegant Copland Trophy. (needs a clean!)  Mark and Tony were second, and Ian and James Linder were third. John is taking Hakuna Matata back to the shed over Christmas for a little magic sauce to be rubbed in to the gelcoat. With overseas commitments, we shall not see them both until February…..  If Hakuna comes back any faster, we’re in real trouble!….

STOP PRESS – I am told we had two man overboard drills on Sunday … I did indeed see Graziano plopping straight over the side,…. well recovered by Midnight Rog!!  I also heard in the bar a scurrilous rumour that James Linder went for a dip too ?!?!?