View from The Bridge …!!

I was just reading your race report from today – I thought last year you were all complaining that race officer’s never started on time – now you complain every week about the fleet not getting to the start on  time!  Isn’t it time you started getting up earlier?

I’d agree with the course length but the race officer’s excuse was that he didn’t want to put the windward mark beyond the tower as the wind would be too shifty.  Not sure whether I agree with that.  Oh for fixed marks ….

I am not sure how to comment on your blog but one thing to correct in that report is that the series finishes next Sunday and the prizes are awarded just before the Christmas dinner!  Can you get that message out to the fleet please?

That also means I need any corrections to the results now.  I posted the current series results this afternoon but have a copy at home if anything needs to be updated.

By the way, I am race officer next week….!!



Michael Clapp

1 thought on “View from The Bridge …!!

  1. I am inclined to agree with Mike’s view about the fleet getting away on time, but last week in the breeze the FFs were the only fleet out there and the PRO of the day did it again. Most likely the PRO Handbook says the guns should fire on time regardless…. but a little common sense would possibly go a long way.

    On the subject of the length of the course, I should just say that I completely stand by the comments. We raced in about a quarter of the reservoir today which, if you look at the result timings gave us about 65 minutes racing from two races – 30 to 35 minutes per race. Rigging/derigging and launching/recovery takes longer than this. In my own (stupid) case, I drive a 100 mile round trip commute to get to Datchet so 65 minutes of race time is literally doubly galling – I spend about 100 minutes driving.

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