Race Report – Sunday 20th November…

The Race Report today is…. Fogged Off !!!

Yes – we had a big blanket of the white misty stuff this morning – couldn’t see the water from the Clubhouse!  The bar seemed pretty packed – mostly with the jovial FF Fleet!!  We would have had a big turnout today….So there was mush joshing and competitive tea drinking – 3 mugs for me!!  Outside it was pretty ghastly…

We were all anxious to try our new jetty mooring arrangements – have you taken look at them – the far end is now anchored and the old “L” section is now ashore.  I don’t know where this leaves us launching into a North Easterly come to think of it – popping around the end there was very useful. Maybe we just do the same and not fall off…… Of our 300 pontoon cubes, 150 are punctured in some way and the Club is looking at renewal now. Not bad wear and tear really – for two decades….

Chairman of the Handicap and Seeding Committee, Bob Millar,  convened a meeting about our personal handicaps pending the prize giving. The assembled view was that as Mark and Tony weren’t there buying tea, they would be PY’d at about 885. And even then they might win….!!

VC (Sailing) Tinsley rearranged the noticeboard (new start sequence coming – the Lasers and general menagerie fleets are being combined and given start number one. We stay as start two, I think), and then select students went upstairs to learn about sail measuring – the tutorial given by VC Tinsley.

Mervyn had a genoa he wanted measured in by the fleet measurer. So we assembled our knowledge and old wives tales about sail design and went and had a look. Very interesting actually…..

Racing was finally abandoned by the fleet at around 1115hrs.

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