Race Report – Sunday 13th Cup !!….

What a turnout !!  Here’s the Race Report Authored by the VC !!….. And Another new Team joins the Datchet Fleet !!……

Warm sunshine and a pleasant force 3 breeze? In November? If this is global warming…..

And we were back to normal boating from the normal ramp!!

10 boats attended – John Watling’s woody (what a beauty), Moustached Millar’s, Hume’s, Mervyn Wright, Andy Clark, Steve Bell, Ian Linder, 2 sets of Firth’s (Son and Grandson in one, Grandpa and VC in the other) and new boy Nigel King in 3705  and his alarming day glow green spinny!

After the two minutes silence, all 10 boats appeared to start in a line (!) and it seemed pretty busy as we weaved our way up the first beat – plenty of place changing, but it was Ian Linder who rounded in the lead, which he did not relinquish for the rest of the race. In the Barge, there was some grumbling as we rounded 6th or 7th! The reaches were close and tight on the corners. Eventually the Humes and jnr Firths drew away with Ian Linder, chased by the Barge, which had wriggled past our new boys and Steve Bell – who was followed by Andy Clark, Mervyn Wright , John Watling and the Millars.

Second race, in even warmer sunshine, saw another blanket start, showing the strength of our fleet.

Again the first beat was a rollercoaster, with the gusty breeze keeping all on their toes. Ian Linder again moved smoothly into the lead – pursued by the Barge, Jnr Firths and (Simon) King – showing gathering speed as the breeze increased – oh dear!! In the end, Ian hung on for two bullets and the 13th Cup, then King, Jnr Firth, Snr Firth, staggering close finish between Humes and Andy Clark (equal time and only a few feet in it) Mervyn Wright, Steve Bell and the rascal Millars you were doing turns all over the place (!!)

All in all, a memorable day…and could have been epic – where were Jonesy, Stensons, Capn Hanson, Midnight Rog and the guys who have hired 3316?? 15 Fifteens on the start! WOW. Can’t wait.


VC  Tinsley – who did 2 races back to back and didn’t go to hospital/retire/attention seek at all!! Truly a remarkable day.

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