Race Report – Sunday 6th November …..

Mark and Tony really do love to give me things to write about…. and so it was today !….

The jetty had either slipped out into the bay a few feet, or the water had come up more than we thought – or both…  Anyway, as Mark and Tony launched – there was a true helms determination to stay dry. Mark flipped the bow up just as the trailer was falling off the steep ledge – bang!!!  Well – that’s all we heard and thought no more of it. During racing, when to be fair to them they were going like a bomb, they gradually started to fill up… holed below the water line!!!  A pretty big hole, punched through by the trailer step…. Dr Dingwall strikes again !!

Now this wasn’t all that set this day apart. Howard and Richard slipped in 3934 beside the jetty – – it needed a bit of a wade to reach it by this time. Howard took the trailer ashore. Suddenly yours truly noticed that the whole jetty had launched itself towards Windsor and was gradually disappearing into the distance. Not much you can do with one person, a flying fifteen to care for – and a jetty…  So that took a while to sort out using the club RIB.

Down to the racing – it was great today – lots of place changing. Nine teams took part, though eight in each race for one reason or another.  It took us six beats to find the right way uphill (which was right over on the north bank) by which time it was a bit late!!  There were some good starts out of the heavily pin biased gate – John Basford made a cracker in race one (and the most ghastly start in race two!) and we all shot out of the pin end in short order.  The reaches were good too – and in the increasing breeze the reach from the wing mark was increasingly a fizzler.  The  Linders took the first race from a super performance in Hakuna from John and Helen. Third were the waterlogged Mark and Tony. Howard and Richard, only occasionally in contention had forgotten their rig tension setting and slackly popped in fourth.

In race two, Mervyn and James did a corker (knowing secretly that the North Bank was the big deal of the day) and set the lead. It took some while for the Linders to get close enough – but upwind simply rowed past Mervyn and James. Quite the Masterclass!!  It was really easy to get those beats wrong and John and Helen nipped in there for a second leaving Mervyn and James seething (I imagine) to take third. The final reach was a corker !  Spray and swearing everywhere….  Howard and Richard were fourth, The Stensons came in fifth.

In between races, we had a hilarious intervention from our Commodore (aged 51 next birthday). It seemed that a Flying Fifteen had managed to hit a capsized Hurricane catamaran somewhere – that had been over for five minutes!! (Difficult to see, I admit!) I had no idea who that could have been – otherwise it would have been drinks all round !!

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