The Datchet Open Meeting….

Yes – we got fogged off !!  Of our targeted five races, just two the scheduled three were completed on Saturday and then SFA on Sunday… Real Pity !!  Sunday was a bit of a pea-souper.

I had scraped frost off the car in Kent before setting off and then driven through alternating fog and blue sky.  I wandered down the slip and disturbing the herons, could see about ten feet out into the mist….

We had three visiting teams which was great!  We had just two of the Waples family turn up – thank goodness they didn’t bring the big ace with them – they cleaned up anyway!  Also there were Hamish MacKay and Andrew Lawson in 3788, and it was fantastic to see Brett and Sophie Dingwall there doing the father/daughter sailing. Brett is hoping to join us for the winter package which is great news!

Less teams turned out for the Saturday than the Sunday, ourselves included. We had sickness in my case, and the family University trip in Howard’s case. As years go by, I get the distinct feeling that the London lifestyle is starting to win out on two day sailing weekends. A lot of our members tend to get weekend work conflicts or simply work such long hours in the week that the family deserves a turn on the Saturday. I’ve just been reflecting that our participation in the 2011 Club Championship weekend may have been the first time we managed to get that weekend together in at least a decade.

All this brings back to me comments from two people – firstly from Ian Linder to the effect that the Solo Class do one-day Open Meetings, of the three races, two to count variety.  The second was Howard – he says that circuit racing in Lasers is largely one day events, aside from Regional Championships, which are two days.  To set against this, it’s a bit more work packing and unpacking a Fifteen. Some people have said to me it wouldn’t be worth it just for three races. However, with lowish numbers at Open Meetings I’m wondering if we should give it a try somewhere….

You can see the Race Report for The Open Meeting on the FF Blog by clicking here


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