Race Report – Sunday 2nd October…!

Searing heat (30 degrees) and not much wind…..

We had about 6 teams show up, but much tea and lemonade drinking had to be done!!

The water level has dropped a lot in the last week. There’s tons left obviously, but I reckon we are just at the final reverse knuckle at the start of “the beach” (see photo)…. Ideally now we want the water to drop another few feet and expose the beach – then we can drive the boats down there and leave the trailers on the flat while we sail.

You may not have been with the Fleet long enough to have have seen it this low before. What you are looking at (I think) in the photo is the bottom of the slip. At this point, the surface silts – and there is a reverse knuckle as the concrete beach flattens out. It exposes a large flat concrete beach and we actually tend to drive down forwards. You need to be very careful negotiating this reverse knuckle in the car – the danger is that as the car flattens out you may drag your rudder of the concrete surface. Normally driving across the sloping bank helps prevent this. When our water level is down this far, the Club usually gets the jetty and pushes it out at 90 degrees to the beach and we launch that way. It’s very good actually….. Sometimes in the past, the Club has moved the jetty over to the North ramp and we launch over there. I think that is maybe better for the rudder scraping problem over that side.

We generally get a bit of debate because the tendency is for us to leave our cars down there too.  As the beach is dead flat, when they start to pump back in it covers the beach at an alarming rate. So upon reflection, it’s better to take the cars up top while we’re racing…… and add about 10 minutes to your morning routine too…..

The following photos will give you an idea of how the beaches expose and how the jetty will be moved, as the water goes lower…. You can see the jetty arrangements for the north beach in the second and third photos below…

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