Sunday 18th Race Report – The View from The Admiral’s Bags…..

After an enforced lay off, the VC returned to the Admiral’s Barge on Sunday, and was joined by the fellow returnee’s Matt Whittaker and Andrew Fairley in 3732– our Scottish enclave! Jones/Shawyer (3934), the Humes (3359), Bell/Scullion (3827) (sporting 3851’s P+B set – slightly confusingly!) Mervyn Wright (3539) (sailing with his son) were joined by the newly re-rigged and polished Millars (3427) and John Bashford in the club boat. 8 in all but a few were caught out by the lower water and an “on time” PRO. Flukey pre start breeze, meant everyone on the committee boat – literally as Bell/Scullion tacked right in front of the Barge, and attempted to slow as they were early, and parked the Barge and 3934 on the committee boat! Bump bump we went! Precautionary turns all round? Paid to go hard right or left, and when we came together at the top mark, the Barge nipped around the mark just behind 3934, and chased by 3732. Barge tinkled past on the reach, and despite much “bloody self-launching  pole” grumbles from the VC, the Barge out gybed 3934 (that shut up the VC!) and was away in the lead. At the bottom mark, the Barge led 3934. 3732, 3827, 3559, 3539, 3316 and 3427 (possibly sporting an interesting spinnaker? Which is the top again??) By the end of next loop, the order had changed, the Humes had stormed (!?) into second, and 3732 was ruing a bold “go left” down the run – second to fourth in a leg – hmph! The wind faded on the last triangle, and the Barge was nearly swept up as the breeze filed in down the penultimate reach. However they hung onto win, from the Humes, Jones/Shawyer, Whittaker/Fairley, Bell/Scullion, Wrights, Millars and John B at the back.

The Barge and the Scots retired to the bar, mightily smug as they enjoyed chips overlooking a mirrored lake!

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